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Angèlica Ekeke is an immersive visual journalist, filmmaker, photographer, composer, and educator. She served as Director and in-house filmmaker at the Museum of the African Diaspora leading “MOAD Stories” a multimedia program that chronicled the lives and civil rights struggles of African diasporic people in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area. In both her commercial and journalistic work, her vision is to tether between the world of documentary and fine art. Her national and international work aligns with highlighting and reporting on diasporic trauma and injustice in order to promote transatlantic conversations and empowerment --- and has been exhibited and broadcasted both on television, in galleries, and in print. Anchored and rooted in social justice, her storytelling focuses on reframing narratives that are often overlooked from those who are despised to those who are seen as highly valued pieces of art. In her freelance career, she has produced and commissioned work for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, The New York Times, the California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice, and Berkeley Law.

Her innate eye and ear for creativity has empowered her to bring innovation and freshness in spaces where educational and interconnected communication is needed most. In an effort to address the desensitization of some of the world’s most pressing issues, she chose to bridge art and journalism by creating a new form of immersive storytelling called "Visual Symphonies", a fuse of live journalistic reporting, music, and documentary film, which had its major platform debut at Sundance 2021, headlining for the Amazon Studios Producer Awards. By deeming herself “ One World Journalist”, her hope is that her storytelling allows viewers to walk away feeling as if they have entered into another’s world, building empathy and understanding among varying communities.She holds a BA from San Francisco State University and an MA from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.